What I intended to be just a short nap after work became 6 hours of sleep. This new work schedule is so screwy.

One Year Ago Today

I pre-ordered my PS4, and it gives me a lot of satisfaction to think of how I bought it entirely with poker profit.  I really need to get that money coming in again for more luxuries like that.  At work I had another really good night, making this one of my best weekends of work ever.  Sadly as long as I stay at this casino in the bottom section I’m not going to make anywhere close to what I used to make, which leads me to think that if I ever were to deal at Turning Stone again I would relish every table knowing that I could do a lot worse. 

My Day

So after work last night slash this morning I decided to just stay up.  There wasn’t any traffic probably because it’s a holiday, so that was a nice change of pace.  I went to Wal Mart back in Torrance so I could go to a Super Center, and in addition to groceries I finally bought a broom, a mattress pad for my futon, and another pair of pants for work.  The pants were $20, so a far cry from the outrageously expensive pair they tried to sell me at Men’s Wearhouse.  Then on my way home I took a detour down some side streets to check out that neighborhood.  There are a lot of little houses next to one of the busy highways, and it resembles the probably poorer neighborhoods I saw in Bell Gardens.  So I’m happy I found a nice place to live in a nicer town.  That detour brought me to the other side of the park I always pass, but I was still unable to see if they have basketball courts.  I need to go there someday and check it out, because if they have open courts then I can finally shoot some hoops again.

When I got home I put my groceries away and contemplated what to do with my time.  I would have spent the day at the beach or driving around, but it’s a holiday so I didn’t want to be out when everyone else was out since I can avoid it any other time.  Plus I didn’t know what would be closed due to the holiday, so I just called it a day.  My tentative plan was to read a chapter of my book, and I figured if I dozed off then I’d just take a nap for a bit and then have more energy to stay up the rest of the day.  Then I’d take a shower after to further revitalize. 

I read the chapter and didn’t get dozy until the last page, and then I laid down on my couch *for a bit*.  It ended up being about six hours that I slept, and when I awoke it was dark.  So I felt like I again squandered the daylight, although what did I need it for?  I didn’t feel like showering now since I wasn’t going out and it already felt late.  I still wanted to do my laundry, and earlier I went down to check it out but it seemed too busy.  I still wanted to check before I got my stuff ready in case they closed early, and that’s what they did.

But I suddenly got the urge to keep walking, so I just went along and started heading down the street.  I checked to make sure I had my wallet, and I decided to get some food from the first local place I saw open.  The teriyaki bowl or whatever place that’s right outside my apartment was closed, so I headed further down.  I hoped the Mediterranean place was open because I wanted to check it out, and if it wasn’t I’d keep going to the Thai restaurant or the Chinese place (but not the British place, no sir). 

The place was open so I went in, and I was a little nervous because I’m not exactly familiar with that kind of food.  They said they served only halal meats, and I couldn’t remember/figure out if that meant they were Jewish or Muslim.  I guessed it was Islamic and Wikipedia confirms that, so yay me.  Anyway, the guy seemed to know I was out of place but eagerly showed me the menu and gave me time to look it over.  I went with a chicken gyro because that seemed a good standard, and it reminded me of when I got one when I visited Andrew in New York City.  I almost didn’t get it because I was afraid I’d mispronounce it, which I did.  I said “jy-ro” but the guy pronounced it “g-ro” (as opposed to “guy-ro” or “jee-ro”, or even “hero” or “euro”), so if that’s how he pronounces it then I’m sure that’s how you say it. 

I waited there while they made it, and it seemed like a nice little place.  I was worried that they wouldn’t get a lot of business being so small and unordinary, but they seemed busy with call-in orders and I’m sure they have a big customer base since they serve their own demographic.  I forgot my phone when I headed out so that made me nervous, and it made the wait feel even longer.  Then I got my food and they seemed like nice people so that was good.  I went back home and ate, and it was pretty delicious.  I don’t know if I’ll be in the mood specifically for food like that—mainly because I didn’t know what most of the stuff was—but it seems to be a good place. 

Then it was about 9pm and I decided to finally watch the movie God’s Not Dead which my mom sent to me.  She says it’s her favorite movie now and keeps asking if I’ve watched it yet, so finally I did.  I was skeptical about it as a film because Christian movies don’t usually have big budgets or famous actors, and I worry that the writing can be very stale.  There were a few actors I recognized like Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) and Dean Cain (Superman), so it was cool to see those actors again.  The Newsboys also had a cameo in it so I loved that.

Anyway if you’re not familiar, the movie is about a college student who is asked in his philosophy class to write “God is dead” on a piece of paper at the beginning of the course.  Since he does not, he is forced to instead conduct three lectures for the class defending God or proving that He does exist.  There were a few other interwoven stories that added more angles to all this, and some I liked while others seemed too contrived.  It’s just so hard to make a “good” Christian movie I think because you can’t undermine other religions in the process, or show non-Christians to be particularly mean in contrast. 

There was a Muslim girl who has been hiding her Christian faith from her parents for over a year, and I was really worried they’d disparage that religion which wouldn’t look good.  They had a good scene where the father told his daughter that he only makes her cover her face because it’s what God commands, and he sensitively tells her that he does it because he loves her.  That was well done, but then they ruin it by having him slap her around when he finds out she’s been listening to Franklin Graham on her iPod.  They showed him crying after in sadness over it, but it was still too much.  When you’re using one character to basically represent an entire religion you have to be very careful how he is portrayed, and I think they went too far.

Then there was a young Christian woman who is taking care of her mother who suffers from dementia, and we find out that she’s actually dating the atheistic professor.  I just don’t see how that would happen in real life when neither a Christian nor an Atheist would want to share their life with the other, so it was only for movie purposes.  There was a decent scene that helped explain why they might bother sticking together, but it made her look weak and him look fake.  Then they went way too far on multiple occasions to show him and his colleagues belittle her in public, and then her breaking up with him in the middle of a college cafeteria surrounded by professors and students was way too much like a soap opera.

The best part was the pastor and his missionary friend, and they were the most real characters in the movie and also served as most of the comedic relief.  There was another woman who found out she has cancer so she ended up coming to God through that tragedy, after her boyfriend breaks up with her for her “unresolved personal issues” immediately after she tells him she has cancer.  The main stuff in the movie was the three presentations the kid had to give, and those arguments/conversations were pretty authentic.  It reminded me a lot of when I was in college and even when I took philosophy because I felt that the professor was trying to challenge my faith, so I wondered what I would have done if I had to publicly defend it like that. 

But in this movie the professor made it his mission to destroy the kid, which I believe no professor would actually do.  I can sort of see why a professor might want to skip over a debate about the existence of God to discuss other things, but to make it such a high mission right from the start seemed overboard.  And in the end we learned that he was only like that because his mom died of cancer when he was 12, and he couldn’t believe in a God who would take her away after devoting her life to Him and after he bargained to worship Him forever if He did.  While that’s a common reason for a person to turn away from God, I highly doubt that it’s the driving force behind so many great philosophers’ and scientists’ atheism.  It’s the same problem you always have when trying to debate the existence of God.  You cannot have an argument where the two parties are speaking a different language.  God is not something that can be disproven by logical discourse, nor is God something that can be proven by emotional experiences.  But in the end, you cannot disprove that God exists, but we are given free will to choose to believe in Him or not. 

Overall I’d say I liked the movie, and it was pretty compelling throughout despite several poor scenes.  The stories connected fairly well and the characters were generally believable.  The acting was really hit or miss, but I don’t expect much from a smaller movie like this.  I think it could have been written a lot better, but compared to most of the cheesy religious stuff out there it was pretty great.  It got me emotionally at several times and I’m sure everyone can relate to at least part of it. 

After the movie I wanted to play a little Diablo, which I previously thought would consume most of my waking hours today.  I watched the movie Battleship while playing because I didn’t really have time for four episodes of Lost (I know it doesn’t have to be four), and I didn’t want to just sit and watch another new movie.  The movie was nothing special but I didn’t expect anything from it.  In Diablo though I finally got lucky to get to a special area filled with gold, and I made almost 25 million gold just from that one area.  In the 2+ years I’ve played that game I’ve made about three times that, so to make that much in one sitting was crazy.  It allowed me to upgrade my gems for my barbarian since he’s my main character, and there really isn’t much else to spend it on that’s worthwhile.  Now that special area is a rare but possible place to go to so I guess periodically I can look forward to more gold booms like that. 

Then I finished Season 8 of Sunny but I don’t know how to watch Season 9 since they’re not on Netflix yet (or obviously I could buy the season on DVD or something).  So I’ll figure that out or just start my next show which will be Louie, and then after that I’m really not sure.  I want to watch The Office again, and also Curb, and it’s been a while for Scrubs or HIMYM too.  Now I’m going to bed after 7am which was not the original plan at all, and I feel like my Mondays never go how I expect them to.  There’s just no way to win when I get home from work at 10am and I don’t want to waste the day either Monday or Tuesday.  I have to figure out how to just stay up through Monday night or really only get a few hours, and not end up having to sleep in on Tuesday.  Okay thanks for reading, and “It’s like the thrill of being near the executioner switch, knowing that at any moment you could throw it, but knowing you never will.  But you could; never isn’t the right word, because I could.  And I might.  I probably will.”

—Eric Del Medico


If my late-night blog tweets were annoying, I hope the now morning tweets aren’t so bad for you East Coasters.


I dreamt that I was in my house/apartment, and it was a combination of my parents’ house and my new apartment.  I just got back and saw that some relatives/friends had rearranged the furniture, and I was surprised at how well it all came together.  One room flowed into the other and the beds and couches were arranged optimally, so that was nice.  This came from changing the orientation of my futon and my constant thoughts about how to make more improvements.  Now I remember another dream where I was back in karate, which probably came from passing by a martial arts studio after work this morning.  I was again trying to remember some of my katas/forms, and I had a test or something coming up so I had to make sure I could remember them.

One Year Ago Today

I had to wake up at noon and I immediately took back my previous thoughts about how it might be nice to work earlier and have the whole night free.  I have this thought all the time, but I really feel like I’m best suited for working at night when I can sleep in every day whether I have to work or not.  Work ended up being good, and I really miss those days where I could stay a full shift if I wanted and make $200, or I could get out early after already making a good amount. 

My Day

My first alarm went off at 7pm, but I woke up around 5 naturally and thought I had overslept.  So I enjoyed those “extra” hours of sleep, and when 7 came I just kept sleeping.  I watched the daylight fade away and then I woke up at 8pm, and my apartment was dark and very quiet.  Really the only reason I don’t want to adjust my sleep schedule further to accommodate my late start time at work is because I don’t like waking up when it’s dark.  But I figure I’ll stay up after work and enjoy the entire span of daylight we get on Monday.  I was looking forward to making eggs for breakfast, and I made the hash browns and the eggs perfectly this time so it worked out well.  I watched the second FIBA game from earlier today, and I’m glad our USA team won both.

Then I went to work, and I always feel good going in on “my Friday” (I’m not really a fan of that expression but it does have its usefulness).  I told myself I just had 8-12 tables to deal and then I’d be done for a couple days.  I try to account for anything, and 12 tables would be a full shift with no breaks and realistically I wouldn’t have any less than 8 tables all night.  One of my bosses previously asked if I could come in on Labor Day at 6:40pm, and I said yes because I was surprised I wasn’t scheduled already because I’m used to working every holiday.  But then she realized that since I started at 12:40am on Sunday night it’s actually Monday already, so legally I can’t do that.  It’s just as well because I wouldn’t be thrilled with the 10-hour turnaround, leaving me with little time to sleep.  But I did get asked to come in for at least the next two Wednesdays, so I’m happy to keep that fourth day as long as I can.

My first table was Mexican Poker, and I really don’t mind dealing it even when the players can be mean.  I think I prefer their meanness to other people’s because most of what they say gets lost in the Spanish so I just ignore it because I don’t comprehend a lot of it.  But I relearned something that’s even more unbearable than being verbally berated, and that’s when a player is physically annoying.  In Seat 1 the guy was coughing and hacking up a lung the entire time, once catching my hand with a little of his saliva that made me recoil in horror.  He was eating chicken wings and pork rinds, which to me seemed to be a weirdly unnecessary combination of junk foods.  While his coughing was very loud and violent it didn’t seem to slow him down with his food; he kept on shoveling it into his mouth even while simultaneously hacking it back up.  He was getting food particles all over his area, and I tried my hardest to keep the cards and chips clean and not vomit myself.  I don’t think I need to further describe how horrible this was.

At my next table I dealt with another kind of annoyance, which was the drunk guy who is barely cognizant.  I spent that entire down babysitting him and making sure he didn’t slow the game down too much and annoy everybody else.  He wasn’t malicious or anything, but just probably had a few too many.  The rest of my night was fairly easy, probably because I didn’t have to deal any Omaha.  There were a few players who lashed out at me, and one of the players who always gets mad every time he loses and says how he never won a hand with me.  I always want to remind them that they have won before, and to point out that it’s their own fault for playing bad cards and either betting with a weak hand or calling when it’s obvious they’re beat.  But poker players need somebody else to blame, because if they believed it was their fault they were losing then they’d stop playing.  Hmm, I wonder if that’s why the good players are the ones who don’t blame the dealer but acknowledge when they could have played a hand better.

Like last night I only had one full break, and my other one came after I broke a table.  I was only there for like 10 minutes, but because the push was so late it was nearly a full down time-wise.  It stayed busier than usual because of the holiday, so I never got my second break but that was fine.  Last week I had all 8-down shifts while this week I mostly had 9 or 10.  I got some breakfast there after my shift just to have a little food because I hadn’t eaten since before work, but I didn’t worry about waiting out traffic because it’s a holiday.  I decided to just stay up for as long as I could, so I’ll leave the rest of that for my next post.  Thanks for reading, and “The night seemed endless and timeless, minute after minute falling dead and adding up to no passing hour, bringing no change.”

—Eric Del Medico


Life is full of fine lines. There’s a fine line between standing up for yourself and just letting things go.

One Year Ago Today

I just hung out at home all day and watched some shows and movies.  I previously thought of going to Syracuse to see Owl City at the fair, but I didn’t want to get up early from working the night before and drive up there myself.  I later learned that he played later since the headliner backed out or whatever, so if I had known I could have seen him and slept in and everything. 

My Day

I got up shortly after 7pm which left me with just enough time to watch four episodes of Lost.  Great shows like this one really hurt in that all I want to do with my free time is watch as many episodes as I can, forsaking all other shows and movies.  That’s why I’m afraid to start a “new” show like Breaking Bad when I’m sure I’ll not be able to stop watching it.  For lunch before leaving for work I had the other half of my sandwich, so that was a nice two-day meal that helped save me money.  I don’t think it’s practical for the future though because it didn’t keep too well, but it was filling.

When I walked into work another dealer said, “Hey there’s the good dealer!”  He was referring to me dealing the small/soft jackpot last night, and it felt good to hear that.  Even though I still don’t have any friends out here, the other dealers and bosses have really been nice and encouraging to me.  There are plenty of other employees that will always say hi when we pass, like the guy who drives the shuttle for us who always fist bumps.  He’s always really friendly when I get on the bus into work, and he’ll always do a fist bump when you get off.  Today I was in the back so I didn’t think about it when I got off, but then I think I saw him put his fist out there but I missed it.  I felt off, but thankfully he went on break right after and we made up for it in the hallway. 

People still ask me a lot about where I came from and why I wanted to move out here.  I get asked how old I am a lot—but I did before too—and they tell me I’m still young yet which is said with a lot of optimism for me which I appreciate it.  When I was getting my chips the older woman at the cage said something about how nice (and handsome) I was, and an older female chip runner was there too.  She reiterated it, and laughed when the other woman asked if I was single.  They “joked” about how basically they’d be into having a younger man, and the best thing was when the cashier said, “Old cow want to eat green grass.”  I just laughed because I’ve never heard such a weird expression like that before, but I guess I was flattered.

Brian told me about Taco Bell’s new promotion where they release a dollar bill with a certain serial number in a few cities across America, and the winner gets a lifetime of free Taco Bell.  The first number was just released in L.A., so we feel it’s destiny that I just moved out here.  Today I had two separate players give me a wad of singles for chips, so I had tons of chances to see if I found one.  My heart stopped when I came across one that started with B 88, but I was fairly certain the other numbers weren’t right.  At the time I didn’t have enough chips to give to the player so I gave the wad to a chip runner, but then realized I could have given one chip for that bill to check it later.  So I was nervous about it but I guess I was thankful that it wasn’t the right number.  The two players gave me $44 worth of ones so lots of chances, but I haven’t found it yet.  I feel like I’m close though.

Okay so on to work itself.  I started with five straight tables which I haven’t done in a long time, but it feels a lot better to get the first half of my shift out of the way quickly.  At Omaha I recoiled when I noticed one player who hates me and keeps a running total of how much money “I” cost him, and I really hate how he won’t shut up the entire time about how much he doesn’t like me.  It’s not that I’m offended, but it’s just so annoying for him to say “I’m takin’ my time” because he’s just waiting for me to leave.  He even got mad a couple times and said that he doesn’t understand why they’re keeping me at that table for extra time, and I told him when the push will come to show him that it wasn’t like they’re keeping me at that table longer.  He and other players were just generally abusive, but honestly I was okay with it because I’m so used to it now and I’ve had much worse.  A couple players were sticking up for me and one tipped me extra “for all the abuse,” and one player said “I guess you gotta have thick skin around here.”  So at least other players recognized it and commiserated.

I broke my next table and then feared I’d be sent right back to that Omaha game, and I was sure that player would cry or punch me if he saw me coming again.  The boss gave me a choice between two tables to go to, and since one of them was that table I was thankful to get to pick the other.  So I had one full break and then half a break after I broke a table, but that was it for the night.  Lately I’ve been getting only 8 tables a night but this time I had 10.5, and I didn’t feel the need for a break so it was great.  I really don’t care either way, because either I make more money but suffer headaches at a table or I get more breaks and can relax and reenergize.

My last table wasn’t so great, and it was Stud which is the game I seem to end on a lot for some reason.  I remembered one player who got mad at me for touching his cards, which is really ridiculous but if he doesn’t want me to make sure his cards are dealt in a good spot then what do I care?  I forgot though the first time and he let me have it, and he made it sound like I had it out for him because I “only did it with his cards and no one else’s.”  When he got up another player went on about how that didn’t make any sense because I have to touch the cards, but I told him that I realize I can’t win with some people.  He said I should stick up for myself and should say this or that to him, but I know it’s better to just let it go.  It’s really astounding though how stubborn and wound-up these people are though.  At the same table a woman got mad at me for repeating how much the bet was, which is really just insane because it’s part of my job.  But there’s no getting through to these people because they’re only happy when they’re miserable.

So I dealt for a full shift and did okay, but I didn’t get home until 9:30am.  I didn’t rush to get to bed which will now be at 11am.  I’m not sure if I’ll try to just get up with enough time to get ready for work and then hopefully be able to just stay up through Monday.  I could just wake up at 9 or 10pm and get ready for work, and that way I wouldn’t need extra time to eat breakfast and a lunch.  The only real advantage to waking up so late would be so I could stay awake long enough until Monday night so I could go to bed at a decent hour and then not waste Tuesday either.  Really I could do that no matter when I wake up tomorrow, but a couple more hours of sleep could help me.  I already brushed my teeth and everything so I might as well go to sleep now rather than stay up another hour or two, so I’ll either have a couple hours to chill before work or I’ll get extra sleep.  Thanks for reading, and “Old cow want to eat green grass.”  My goodness…

—Eric Del Medico


Tonight at work I dealt the small jackpot, finally after over three years and two casinos. Now for the big one next.


I had a lot of dreams but I don’t really remember them now.  I didn’t even eat anything close to bedtime so I guess it was just because I slept late.

One Year Ago Today

I actually had a really good night of work on a Thursday, and players were nice to me and tipped so it was a great combination.  I was out early and then enjoyed the rest of my night.  I watched the movie Entrapment for the first time which was pretty good. 

My Day

Last night I decided to change up my bed arrangement to see if I liked it better.  I just turned it so it’s longer against the wall that it was previously shorter against, and my head is away from the windows toward the door.  I don’t like the idea of sleeping away from the door because if someone came in I’d want to have a clear view, and when I wake up I want to be able to see the room.  I realized that I’ve been sleeping more on the right side of the bed when I know I prefer the left, which is how I slept at my mom’s house and in my last apartment.  But I realized I got in and out on the right side when I lived at Colony at college and several random times in the past.  I can’t sleep on the left side here because there’s no nearby outlet on that side so I’m stuck with the right side no matter what.  This arrangement makes it a little easier to move the futon into couch position, but it allows for my nightstand to be right in front of my bed for the first time ever which I like.  I’ll try it out for a few nights to see if it’s better, but it kind of feels wrong to sleep differently than I did when I first moved in.  I know that doesn’t make any sense, but that’s how my brain works.

I told myself I could sleep as long as I wanted because it’s my day to adjust to going to bed later.  Last night I was looking forward to reading another chapter of my book today, but I woke up with just too little time to read a chapter and watch four episodes of Lost before work.  So I still had 3.5 hours before getting ready, and I only needed a half hour to read, but I needed that first half hour to have breakfast and do my exercises so I can’t read then.  I preferred to start Season 3 of Lost so I just did that, and I love how each season ends with something crazy and then the next season starts with something else crazy. 

Then I went to work, and the first of three days always feels daunting but once I get started it’s cool.  This time the boss had me start by running chips in the top section, and while I didn’t like not having a table to start I did like the chance to check out that area.  So I walked around it and tried to take note of everything.  They had 15 games going at 12:30am which seemed good to me, but really that’s not much busier than we’d be at Turning Stone on a Friday night since these are all the bigger games.  They had about six $100-$300 ($2-$3 blinds) tables which is what I’d play, and a couple $300-$1,000 ($3-$5), and one or two $5-$5 which would be more of a standard big game.  They also had two bigger mixed games, and the players there had big stacks. 

I noticed they have a different kind of chip for $100 up there, and that’s good because they look so much better than the ones we use.  I noticed one girl I played with the one time I was there (the cute Asian one of course), and another guy I think was at my table too.  I kept an eye on that section after running chips for a down, and it seems like all the tables clear out by the time I’d leave.  I keep trying to see it when I come in on Wednesday nights because that’s more like the time I’d come to play, but I really just need one table going and then I’m set.  I enjoyed being in that section even just to get chips, and the boss there said I did a good job (even though it’s really hard to not do a good job) so that was nice.

Then my first table was $2-$4, and I noticed immediately that the players were nice and friendly.  Then during one of the hands I put out three Aces on the flop like I’ve done a couple times before, and I called the floor over.  They have a jackpot for Aces full of 10s getting beat by quads or better, but also a smaller one for Aces full of anything beaten by quads.  I wasn’t really nervous because I’ve been this close a few times before, and I didn’t really think it was there.  The turn was a 10 which was scary because if one guy had an Ace his kicker would have to play, and then the river was like a deuce. 

They turned their cards over and sure enough, one guy had A 10 and the other had pocket threes and we hit the small jackpot.  I wasn’t really super excited or nervous like I thought I’d be if I dealt a jackpot, maybe because it was a small one for $1,000.  It split the standard way, and the players were all excited of course.  I didn’t know what to expect tip-wise and I wasn’t trying to expect anything because you never know.  The loser of the hand (who got half the money) gave me $40 cash right there which was really nice.  They didn’t get paid until after I left the table so I was nervous about how that’d go.  But they had me get tapped out from my other table to sit back at that one when they paid them, and said how they had their “lucky dealer” in the hopes they’d tip me.  One player left by that point and there were a few new players, but the winner of the hand gave me $10 and a few other players game me some too.  So I got almost $60 if I remember correctly, and I know I shouldn’t discuss it but it was a good amount I’d say.  It wasn’t 10% but that’s pretty inconceivable, and that’s still a lot of extra money to get that I can really use.

For the rest of the night players and dealers were asking me about it, and I was sort of downplaying it or trying not to be too cocky about it or whatever.  It wasn’t the big jackpot after all, but it was still special so I didn’t want to act like I didn’t care.  I was worried though that the chip runners and floor people would expect me to give them something, but if I gave 10% of what I made across all of them it’d be maybe a buck apiece which isn’t worth it.  I asked another dealer about it later and she said they don’t do that anyway.  Plus they all left right after that because it was the shift change, so that was the end of that.  It felt good though to be the good dealer for the night, although I didn’t really like any of the extra attention.

I had a pretty easy night besides dealing the small jackpot.  My tables were mostly friendly, and on a couple we had some good conversations.  The other day players were taking about In-n-Out and I mentioned that even in New York people rave about it when we don’t have one near us.  This time a player was telling me about the other card rooms in Los Angeles and which ones are good and bad.  He also talked about online poker and told me about Bovada which he said is legal for U.S. residents, so I’ll have to look into that because I really want to get back to playing online.

Even with starting on break I felt like my breaks were spaced out well, and I got a little food during my last one which just left me with two hours to go.  I finished a down early so I got to head out and get home earlier.  I spent a while typing this up but now I’m going to bed at 10:30am, and I’m hoping to get myself up tomorrow in time to again watch four episodes of Lost before work.  Thanks for reading, and “There, peeping among the cloud-wrack above a dark tor high up in the mountains, Sam saw a white star twinkle for a while.  The beauty of it smote his heart, as he looked up out of the forsaken land, and hope returned to him.  For like a shaft, clear and cold, the thought pierced him that in the end the Shadow was only a small and passing thing: there was light and high beauty for ever beyond its reach.”

—Eric Del Medico


Today I enjoyed a nice walk to the beach again and watched the sun set over the ocean. There’s nothing like it.

One Year Ago Today

I went to GameStop because they were giving away a shiny Dialga for Pokemon Black and Black 2.  I went back later to also get shiny Palkia and Giratina.  Later I met my mom for dinner at Olive Garden, and I miss our meals we’d have together every few weeks.  After dinner we saw the movie Elysium, and it’s hard to believe that was a year ago already.  It was a good movie and well-acted for a sci-fi movie (Matt Damon is one of my favorite actors so that was a given).  Then I went to the gym just a little earlier than usual so that was good.


I’ve never seen Gilmore Girls before, and I never really even knew what it was about.  On an episode of Family Guy they had a joke about it and how fast the two girls talk, and I figured that was a big exaggeration like a lot of their jokes are.  But the other day I had it on while waiting for the next show to start, and I noticed immediately that they did talk much faster than people on any other show.  It wasn’t just that one scene but throughout the episode they were talking like that, so I just thought that was pretty funny.  Oh and I still have no idea what that show is about.

My Day

I had a little trouble getting up again, but around 3:20 I was out of bed and in the shower.  My plan was to walk to the beach again, and I followed through.  I got my gear ready and headed out, only this time I wore sneakers rather than sandals.  I also listened to music on the walk there, which was the first time using my headphones since coming out here actually.  It seemed a little daunting at first because I knew how long it was, but it was a nice day and walking felt good.  I looked around at all the palm trees, and as I do so often I just stared in amazement that I’m actually here.  I still sort of pinch myself when I realize that after all the talk I actually made it, and it’s just as beautiful as I hoped.

I walked along the beach and took my usual spot near the end, next to some large rocks in the sand.  I started sitting on top of where the beach dips downward into the ocean, and I cleared out like a little seat so I could recline back without a chair or anything.  I relaxed like that for a while and waited for people to clear out of the ocean in front of me so I could have a swim.  Only I didn’t exactly swim because the waves were really coming in.  Yesterday I heard people talking about it on the radio, and they were relentless.  There weren’t many lulls between waves, and each one came in with tremendous force.  I could barely swim or even wade for more than a few seconds before a big wave hurtling me back toward the shore. 

A few things always come to mind when I’m out there.  I always think of Seinfeld when George goes out to help a beached whale in The Marine Biologist (which they actually referenced on the radio yesterday), but I also thought of Jerry’s bit about how the ocean doesn’t really want us in there.  The waves are like a bouncer throwing us out of itself.  I was singing some songs to myself and then when I thought I was randomly switching to another song, I realized it was Swallowed In the Sea by Coldplay.  I thought that was fitting, but I can’t say it was a coincidence.  The last thing I was thinking about was how the waves kept pummeling me and I wasn’t getting any shots back at them.  But I didn’t want to give up so I kept at it, and it reminded me of Rocky when he said, “It’s not how hard you hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.”  So I felt like I was boxing and kept taking blows, and then I finally left on my own accord.  Later I felt pretty beaten up from it though.

I got out just after some attractive young girls left the area.  I saw them walk near the water and then take pictures of each other for about a half hour, and I really wanted to think badly about that but I shouldn’t.  I mean I spent a few minutes before getting a “selfie” to celebrate being out here, so why look down on someone else?  And what is it really hurting anyway?  Even if they just went out to take pictures and then immediately left, who cares?  I mean it’s a little ridiculous to spend that much time for a picture of yourself that no one really cares about, but tomato tomato.  (You might think that expression doesn’t work in this format, but when I say it I say them the same way each time so for me it still works.)

Then I kicked back in my little sand chair and read another chapter of my book.  I’ve realized that reading Lord of the Rings—which mostly takes place during the grips of war and in harsh terrain like snowy mountains, caves, and desolate plains—isn’t exactly best suited for reading on a beautiful beach.  Oh hey, my next book could be Robinson Crusoe or Treasure Island or something then.  This chapter was particularly out of place because it was Mount Doom, where Frodo and Sam finally destroy the Ring in the fiery mountain.  I felt that this chapter didn’t have as much intensity as it should for being the most important event in the whole Middle-Earth world, but maybe that was because I’m used to the movie or because I read it on the beach while I was chilly and could not relate at all to that struggle.

While reading I heard something coming from the water.  I looked out and saw two young guys near the shore, and I heard another guy who was out much further.  It sounded like he was screaming for help, but he looked okay.  The waves were bad so it’s possible he just got swept too far out (because if the waves aren’t throwing you out they’re pulling you in), and I was looking to his friends to see if he was just messing around or not.  They looked concerned, and some people started to take notice, but I guess they weren’t concerned enough to swim out to him.  We don’t have a lifeguard in that area so we were all on our own. 

My heart started beating heavily as I wondered if I should/could go out there and try to help him.  I could be in the water in just a few seconds, and I had just been out there so it would be no big deal.  But I knew the waves were bad, and I wondered if I could even swim out to him with the waves knocking me back the whole time.  Plus if I swam out to save him only to find out he was fooling around or I misunderstood, I’d feel like an idiot.  I know that’s not a good reason to not help someone who needs it though.  As I kept watch to track the situation his friends moved a little further out toward him and he made his way back in, and the situation resolved itself.  It was a little scary, and I’d like to think that I would have swum out to save him if it became clear it was necessary.  I didn’t once think that it’d be a chance to show myself as a hero, and even though that’s not the proper motivation it still could have been motivation nonetheless.

I finished my chapter of the book just before sunset, so I stayed a few minutes longer to watch the sun go down behind the ocean.  I was very happy it didn’t instead pass behind mountains or something but stayed right in front of me and went down behind the waves.  But it wasn’t quite as spectacular as I hoped, but instead looked like a small orange dot just slowly disappear from view.  I get better views sometimes from my bathroom window when the sun sets behind the houses and the sky turns pink like cotton candy, but I’m just lucky to see any of it from anywhere really.

Then I started walking back home, and I called my mom which also served to help pass the time.  We talked for about 100 minutes, and I went past my house and kept going to Carl’s Jr. to get some burgers for dinner.  I wanted to try their new Texas BBQ burger, but not because of their commercial with the blonde posing in front of a truck for no reason.  I also got a coupon in the mail for a free one when I buy one, so I got two of those and walked back to my place.  It proved to be enough food after the first burger so I should have stopped (really I should have just not had that crap), but I ate the other one figuring it’d taste much worse if I reheated it later.  Now I got that out of my system and next I can try something else. 

I showered again and felt refreshed, but my legs were pretty sore and tired from the 4+ miles of walking.  It felt good to walk around a little though, and it’ll feel even better when I start going to the gym again soon.  Then I kicked back and watched the last 8 episodes of Season 2 of Lost while playing Diablo.  I got my crusader to level 70 so they’re all there now, and it’s nearly done with Act III for the second time and still hasn’t died.  I cleared up some storage space in my stash and then did some key runs and whatnot with my barbarian and called it a night.  Now I’m going to bed by 7:30am, and it feels late but since I work so late the rest of the weekend it’s actually still very early.  Thanks for reading, and “What did one snowman say to the other snowman?  Smells like carrots.”

—Eric Del Medico


I’m going to miss these fourth/extra days of work each week. They go by quickly and the players are friendlier.


I dreamt I was back in high school, but again in more of a reflecting situation.  Our assignment was to give a speech on another student/graduate, and I guess since I walked in late I didn’t get to pick who I’d talk about.  I was given John LaBarbara (although his first name isn’t John), and I was nervous because I really didn’t know him (and he wasn’t actually in our class).  But I tried to think of what I’d possibly say, and I actually started to come up with a good speech.  I remembered that John the barber would talk about him sometimes because he’s a good singer and performer, and I thought I could tie-in some stuff about John and how a compliment from him means a lot.  In the rest of that dream three girls worked on a speech together, and the passed around a copy of it for us to see.  There was something terribly generic about part of it, and I wondered how they got to share one about a girl they knew while I had to do one on a guy I really didn’t know.

In another dream I was walking around a store like Wal Mart, and I was talking to a friend who worked there.  I asked him about his break situation, and wondered where he sat to relax and whatnot.  There was an item they sold with a folding chair and little table, so I thought he could buy that and keep it somewhere back there for his breaks.  That was sort of weird now that I think about it.

One Year Ago Today

I had a poker game, and again I’ll say how much I miss that game.  I miss it more than anything else save for my friends and family, although that was my biggest social time of the week and chance to hang out with my friends.  I was largely card-dead and had to struggle to grind out any profit, and I ended up just 8 bucks ahead but at least it wasn’t losing.

My Day

I had one of my worst sleeps since living in this apartment.  I’m not sure if it was the ice cream I had close to going to bed (I couldn’t resist), or because I slept so long the night before.  I couldn’t fall asleep and then I did not stay asleep for more than a couple hours at a time.  I got up at 3pm like I needed to, and I had a bagel and got ready for work.  I really do like casually waking up and getting ready for work, but I hate driving through rush hour traffic.  I think this is my last weekday shift though because the tournament series is almost over and I’ll go back to three days a week at most.  That’ll be nice for like the first week but then I’ll get bored, so hopefully I’ll use that to get myself another job and hopefully one that’s rewarding.

Tonight I got right into the rotation which was great, and even though I had a break right after it was still much better than waiting a down or two to start.  I really don’t have much else to say because it was a very easy night and went by fairly quickly.  I had three well-spaced breaks and I got some lo mein noodles for dinner on my last one, and then I was out.  My tables were all pretty friendly too, but I broke a table halfway through and then finished with a bad table.  So those brought down my average but it was still a good night.

When I got home I watched some Sunny and typed this up, and I had a little time to chill so I watched an extra thing about Seinfeld as well.  I played a little more Tony Hawk which is always fun, and then I was ready for bed by 6am.  But I wanted to play just a little bit of Diablo, and I also wanted to sing so I figured those could go well together (that is I figured I could do both at once).  I learned that there’s a “new” (it’s been available for a couple months I guess) Hellfire Amulet, so I gotta get working on that now too.  I upgraded some gems before learning that so I spent a lot of gold, but now I have something else to work on.  I ended up playing for about an hour which is longer than I wanted, but now I’m going to bed at 7am.  Thanks for reading, and here’s hoping for a good sleep and what I hope will be a very enjoyable day off.

—Eric Del Medico


Today I couldn’t get out of bed and missed my chance to enjoy the ocean. Too bad the nice weather is almost over—oh wait…


I had a few of them but I really only remember two.  In one I was at my aunt and uncle’s house (Vena and John for my recollection later), and they recently remodeled.  It was the first time I’ve been there since they’ve redone it, and they had one long series of rooms with a table that ran through them.  I’m not sure where this came from, and there was more to it but I’ll skip it.  In the other dream I was attending like a class reunion, and it started by us all going into a room with tables where we filled out a form that I guess said what we’ve been up to since graduation.  The seating arrangement made me think that they set it up so you could sit next to people you wanted to, like a clique system.  I think that came from an episode of Friends I watched where Ross and Joey were separated at the museum because Ross is a scientist while Joey was a tour guide and they never sit together. 

One Year Ago Today

I had trouble getting up and then motivated to do anything, and then finally I took a shower and started my day.  I did my laundry and got some groceries, and then just relaxed inside.  I did go to the gym later that night, and I was upset with weighing almost three pounds more than I did just two days ago.  But overall I still steadily lost weight, and once I go back to three days of work a week (which will be soon) I’ll go back to the gym.  I’ve been waiting for some time off so I can recover, because I know I’ll be really sore for a day or two after I go back. 

My Day

I set my alarms between 2 and 3pm, but I really had no motivation to get up for some reason.  It wasn’t until nearly 6pm that I got myself up, and I was really upset with myself.  I wanted to go to the beach and then maybe play poker later, but now it was too late for the beach and I lost the desire to go out and play.  I showered and had breakfast, and my dad called so I talked with him.  I took the trash out and got my mail so I’d at least leave my apartment for a few minutes.  Then I read another chapter of The Return of the King, but somehow I was still tired and nodded off for a while.  I finished it after about 90 minutes, and I’m looking forward to the next chapter which is Mount Doom. 

For dinner I made the pizza I bought the other day because it said to use it by this date.  It looked much bigger than the frozen pizza I’ve bought before, but when I took it out of the box it was basically the same size.  Even though I wasn’t exactly starving I managed to eat the entire thing, which makes me think that I’ve must have gained enough weight to where I can eat a lot more food now.  That’s not what I want at all, and I need to get back to eating healthier and eating less.  Not only should I stop eating a whole pizza at once, but I really should stop eating it altogether.  And if I’m going to eat junk food, I should go out and do it so I’m at least trying new places and patronizing local businesses.

For the rest of my night I watched Lost and played Diablo.  They came out with a patch for Diablo which added a few things so I checked that out, although Seasons is the biggest thing but I wasn’t able to do that for some reason.  I did the first part of Act III with my crusader and got it to level 69, so just one more level to go before I have each class at level 70.  And I still haven’t died with it so that’s so boss.  Oh they also added another tab in the Stash, so now I can hold a lot more items which is something I desperately needed.  Now my stuff is better organized and I can keep more stuff for each character if I need to. 

Lately when playing Diablo I’ll get kicked off the server randomly, and sometimes it’d happen a few times in one day.  Often I’d notice that my computer lost connection with the router, or the router would randomly lose internet.  It’d happen while watching Lost too, but thanks to buffering the show would be loaded enough where it wouldn’t interrupt playback while it was reconnecting.  But today was different; even though my modem/router had all the lights on indicating it was working, and both computers and my iPhone said they had internet access through my router, I still couldn’t do anything on the internet.  It was uber frustrating because I wanted to finish my episode, but I was able to do so with the files I have on my computer anyway.  But I was more confused than anything because all signs indicated it was working but clearly it wasn’t.  I could have tried to use a wired connection, but it wasn’t about losing internet but about the mystery to why I lost it.

I was going to watch a movie next but wasted time with all this, and I was really pissed so I knew I wouldn’t enjoy any movie.  I watched some Seinfeld instead to try and cheer up, and I suddenly got in the mood to play Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 for Game Boy Advance.  Eventually I got the internet working again through nothing I did, so I guess I live in a world where it can just go out without a trace and there’s nothing I can do to fix it.  Anyway now I’m going to bed at 7am before a night of work, which might be my last Wednesday or fourth day of the week for a while.  Thanks for reading, and “Rum ham?…God****** Frank!  Eating your drinks?  That is brilliant!”

—Eric Del Medico


Some days I just love kicking back and watching shows on my futon. Sometimes life is simple.

One Year Ago Today

Work wasn’t busy and I could have had the night off if I wanted, but that would have been all three weekend nights so I need to make some money.  I got cut after four hours, so I worked just seven hours that week and made like one day’s worth.  Thankfully I didn’t need the money as badly at the time so I could have afforded an entire month off if I wanted/needed. 


Thoughts are an amazing thing to me.  I share my thoughts with you in this format all the time, but there are just so many things that run through my head all day that I couldn’t possibly write down.  It sort of doesn’t make sense to say, but being able to contemplate life is one of my favorite things in the world.  I’ll be going about my day and a thought will pop up, and I consciously make the choice to either end it there or see where it goes.  The latter is what provides so many of the Thoughts I choose to include in my blog, as I’ve done with this one. 

Just like everyone else, my thoughts go all over the place and go from refection on childhood to contemplations of the future.  They also can take me from one extreme of an emotion to the other, which is why I choose to end a thought without letting it fully develop.  Sometimes just the thought of something will make me sad (like my reflections on girls), so I’ll stop right there before going down that road to self-loathing and depression.  It’s hard to describe, but I’ll get a little thought nugget pop up and then if I let it, I follow it to see where it takes me.  As I watch it unfold I don’t know what will become of it, and what other revelations it might inspire.  It’s really like a journey of the mind, and I’ve learned much about the world and myself through these thoughts.  I was hesitant to mention this because I can’t do it justice, but I really feel like there’s something magical about it. 

My Day

I went to bed shortly before noon today which was later than I wanted, and I couldn’t get up until after 5 which was later too.  I slept with my futon upright, and that was surprisingly comfortable.  It dips inward so I felt nestled, and possibly more comfortable than when it’s out as a bed.  It’d be silly though to keep sleeping like that, so I really have no practical reason to even sleep like that again but I guess it’s good to know.  I got up and showered and it felt very late, but I was free to do what I wanted so all was well.

After breakfast I did my laundry, and I often will spot a cute girl there.  I always think about how that would be a good place to meet somebody, but I never come up with something to say or a reason to say it.  Plus I never get any looks back from these girls so what’s the use?  There was one cute Asian girl in there, but I was just left feeling that my inclination toward Asian girls will really get me nowhere.  You might think that opening myself up to other/all races would be a good thing and improve my chances, but it all still hinges on the girl liking me.  With girls from other ethnicities I have to hope that they’d even be interested in a white guy, and then worry about that interest being on me.  Then I think about how I’m uneducated (formally and worldly) and have no money so I’m not exactly a catch.  Anyway I didn’t mean to say all this to sound down because I’ve been feeling a lot better about this stuff lately.  It’s not because of any greater sense of hope or prospects, but when you have other things to fill your mind you don’t worry about certain things as much.

Between loads of laundry I read the first chapter of Book VI of The Return of the King, and it was nice to resume Frodo and Sam’s story.  There are only a couple chapters left before the Ring gets destroyed so I feel like I’m nearly done.  For dinner I had a salad which I bought this morning, and I bought a few things that need to be eaten in the next few days so basically my meals have already been decided.  Then I remembered the Emmy’s were on and I recorded them, so I sat on my couch and watched that.  I planned on playing Diablo or something else too, but I was perfectly content with just sitting and watching them.  I don’t know why I always feel the need to do something while I do something else.  Sometimes it’s nice to just watch a show or sit silently and think, without worrying about how I could be spending my time better.  Really, if I read just one chapter of a book, watch at least one episode of something, and play some kind of game for a few minutes at least then I feel like I’ve had a full day.  I don’t always have to do so many of those things at once though.

Then I did play Diablo while I watched some Lost.  I sort of hope to finish this season before the weekend, but I should be able to watch a few episodes each day so it doesn’t matter.  Then I watched my Netflix movie which was Never Let Me Go.  That’s the movie I added after seeing the trailer before the last two Netflix movies I saw, and it stars Carey Mulligan, Keira Knightley, and Andrew Garfield.  It was a drama/romance, set in a world where certain kids are basically bred so they can donate their organs once they’re young adults.  It was more about a love triangle between the three characters, and dealing with the knowledge of only having a short life together here on Earth.  It was a pretty good movie and the acting was terrific, but I sort of wanted a little more out of it. 

I later finished Season 6 of Sunny, and I think I’ll watch Louie next since it’s also shorter and on Netflix.  I finished all this up around 6am and I’m pretty tired so I should have no problem getting good sleep, but I want to wake up before 3pm and enjoy tomorrow.  Again I’m not sure how I want to spend it, but I realized that I’m not worried so much about doing everything during my days off.  When I have to work and would spend those days just sleeping and then getting ready I wouldn’t be able to do anything, but now that I’ve tried to watch shows and really had time to relax I feel a lot better.  Now there’s less pressure to watch all my shows and play all my games during days off because it’s like I can do that every day.  Alright thanks for reading, “…and I fell into darkness and foul dreams, and woke and found that waking was worse.”

—Eric Del Medico


It’s crazy how I have trouble staying awake on my way to work after I’ve slept, but not after work when I’m tired.


I dreamt that we were having a party at my mom’s house or something, and something happened with my mom and my aunt (Sandy).  I decided to be straight with them, and I launched into some speech.  I’m not sure what I was talking about, but it had something to do with them each acting passive aggressively toward each other or something and getting me stuck in the middle.  I don’t know where that came from, but in real life they have had some little issues like that because that side of my family can be stubborn at times. 

One Year Ago Today

I got called off from work again, so it was two nights in a row and during the weekend.  Sometimes I loved how I could get called off from work, and when I don’t feel like I need the money then it’s great to not have to work that much.  After playing Diablo most of the day I went to the gym for the third day that week, and I could feel myself getting stronger rather than just maintaining what I had. 


I always hear people refer to Asian people as “Oriental,” and it amazes me how people could still use an outdated term like that.  But then tonight I heard an Asian dealer refer to another person as “Oriental,” so I’m really confused.  It made me think of how races have words they can use amongst themselves, but that’s not one I’ve ever heard before.  This isn’t really related to this but I’m going to mention it here anyway: At one table I dealt to a very pretty Asian girl.  I’m not very good at knowing which country a person is from although I can make a good guess, but she was beautiful regardless.  I really have nothing else to add to that I guess so I don’t know why I bothered, but I just found her striking.  It wasn’t even that she was gorgeous like so many other Asian girls I see, but she was taller and had glasses and just seemed really nice.

My Day

I woke up around 7:30pm, and I decided to watch more Lost before work.  I only had time for three episodes, but to be able to sit and play games and watch shows for a couple hours before work feels awesome.  These episodes also had a good stopping point, but I can easily keep watching that show for days because it’s so engrossing.  I feel like I’d rather watch tons of episodes of a show like that than a few of my other shows and a movie.  That’s why I’ve delayed watching it for so long because it only feels like I’m watching one thing when otherwise I could watch through all my movies.  But then I realize that I get so much joy from watching a good show, so I don’t regret it at all. 

I had some PB&J and then headed to work.  It wasn’t very busy to start, and they had a weekly drawing just before I got a table so that cleared it out even more.  I started with Omaha, and I had to go back to that table shortly after.  That was at one guy’s displeasure, and he’s one that always complains about the hands I give him all down.  He’s not as mean about it, but it is annoying that he’ll comment on it every time.  As always, he just plays too many hands so obviously the fault is solely on him.  But what he does do that’s worse than other players is he keeps a running count of how much money he’s lost while I was dealing, like that’s somehow supposed to make me feel bad. 

My other tables were nice but not very good for money.  It thinned out pretty quickly, and by 6am we had just one table in our rotation.  It was a decent $2-$4 so that was fine, and I dealt it twice as my night was coming to a close.  Then to finish my night I was sent to the $80 no-limit game, and that’s a top-section game that I’ve never dealt before.  But it’s really not much different from everything else so it was no sweat.  The players were all nice and having a good time, and it seemed like a much better game in terms of player ability.  Plus the tips were phenomenally better because I put one guy in a sick heater (well the cards did, so I don’t want to take credit).  He won a few hundred in just a few hands and tipped me very well, so that was a huge help in making this a great night. 

I felt a little bad though because the second time I pushed the one table in my rotation I was talking with someone, and I guess the dealer didn’t realize I was behind her.  The boss got mad and thought she knew I was there but wanted to get more hands in or something.  I tried to tell him that it was my fault for talking and not being fully ready to deal, so I really hope she didn’t get in trouble or anything.  But then when I was sent to that other table after it was just after she got there, so I think they gave her a double-break.  I think it was just how it had to work for us all to fit, and because she would stay later I guess they wanted to give me one more table and then everyone else could benefit after.  I felt bad though because that table was so good, but if I don’t worry about when I have to get bad runs I shouldn’t worry about the good runs.

I got out a half hour early for the third time this week, but that was fine since I wanted to get groceries.  I bought a bunch of stuff and then headed home, and watched The Price is Right while typing this up.  I’ll try to get a little sleep although they’re doing some construction downstairs so that’s going to be a nuisance.  My plan is to sleep on my bed when it’s upright like a couch, hoping that it’ll make it easier for me to roll myself out of it after a few hours of sleep.  I really don’t want to waste tomorrow so I want to get no more than 5 hours of sleep.  Thanks for reading, and “No one’s first, and you’re next.”

—Eric Del Medico


It’s such a blessing to me to have an internal monologue, but sometimes even more so to have a radio in my head.

One Year Ago Today

I got called off from work on this Friday, and unlike most of the month when I wouldn’t mind getting a night off I actually wanted to work.  In Diablo I did the first of one of the speed run achievements, which is completing an entire Act in under an hour.  That night I watched the movie The Firm, which I said I’ve heard about forever but never got around to seeing it. 

My Day

I got up around 6:30pm which was basically as planned.  I did want to watch Lost again, but I didn’t have quite as much time as yesterday.  But I did watch the last four episodes of The Tonight Show so those are done again.  I started to play Diablo but then I got kicked off the server, and there apparently were a lot of people trying to play so the wait time was terrible.  I gave up and just played Pokemon instead so that was fine.  For dinner I made some Alfredo chicken again which was the perfect amount of food to fill me up but not leave me feeling too full. 

This was a very easy night of work, although it wasn’t anything special for making money.  I realized that a lot of dealers know my name now and say hi to me, so that feels good.  But I hate that I really only know a couple other dealers’ names, and I imagine it’ll take me a long time to learn even most of them.  It’s even harder because I work between two shifts on the weekend and have a different group of dealers on Wednesdays, so there are so many more dealers than I’m used to. 

So I had good tables all night in that the players weren’t mean or annoying.  There were plenty of times where players could have taken a mean tone, but instead they were calm and respectful so that was great.  Oh and last night one guy said I looked like Jim Halpert from The Office, and even though that’s a bit of a stretch I was cool with it.  So I just wasn’t making much, and I ended up with one of my worst tips per down rates.  I broke one table early in the down and next I did it again, but for that one I got to finish it out at another table.  I had three breaks and then finished one down early again, but I just do my time and try not to worry about anything else. 

I didn’t have a full break toward the end of my shift so I didn’t eat at work, but when I got out I was a little hungry.  I was in the mood for Taco Bell breakfast, so I ended up eating there even though I know I should have just had a banana or something at home.  It was stupid because it took up time, it cost $8 which could have been used for a much bigger/better meal another time, and they made my food pretty lousy this time.  I always get the bacon AM Crunchwrap, and I usually get one other thing to go with it.  I realized after that it was a waste because I didn’t need the extra food, and it would have saved me $2-$3.  Now I know better for the future.  Then I went home and now I’m going to bed at 11am, but hopefully I can get up around 7pm and not ruin my pre-work time.  But it doesn’t really matter because I’ll have the next two days off, and I’m thinking about adjusting my sleep so I wake up later on Sunday night before work which would make staying up until Monday night easier.  Okay thanks for reading, and “What Mom?…I’m not gonna vacuum your ceiling…Um, because I already did it, okay!”

—Eric Del Medico

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